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IGS 2019 Tech Predictions

With thousands of tech releases every year, tech is evolving rapidly! The team at IGS have predicted what they think is to be expected of 2019 tech

We’ve seen a couple of articles about tech predictions for 2019 and some of our team were pretty inspired to create our own! As tech lovers, it’d be rude not to…

Have you had any favourite tech releases in 2018 and what do you think we can expect tech wise in 2019?

Rob, Operations Director
“I think that we’ll see continued growth of the IoT which will be made even smarter by the advance of ‘AI’ systems. I firmly believe we will see smarter, more powerful standalone devices that we can carry everywhere. Being online and available seems to be an insatiable appetite to society.”

Stephen, Business Development Manager
“I think that we can expect to see a whole range of new applications using Augmented Reality. The last year or two we’ve seen bigger and more ambitious projects using AR - Pokémon Go was a roaring success. The IKEA Place app - it lets users visualise what products would look like in their home through the lens of their phone so they can see if it fits in the space and works with the decor. No doubt there are plenty more great opportunities out there for early adopters.”

James, Senior .NET Developer
“I’m a big fan of wearable tech so as you can imagine, I was astonished once I found out there was a smart wristband being developed that monitored your blood alcohol levels - it’s an incredible step forward in the campaign for alcohol awareness. I think that in 2019, (once most of the red tape and legislation surrounding safety has been approved) we will see a big push on the rollout of autonomous vehicles. I’m sure the UK will see the many benefits of this and follow suit.”

Nick, Senior .NET Developer
“A simple thing but discovering I can deposit cheques using my mobile banking app still amazes me. It’s particularly handy when the kids receive Birthday and Christmas presents as our local branch has closed. For 2019 I’d like to see a smart TV that integrates Google Home or Alexa to give full voice control over live TV channels, streaming video and music services.

Marcello, Mid Level .NET Developer
“My favourite tech releases of 2018 was Mixed Reality headsets, for this reason I think that we can expect more immersive Virtual Reality experiences and headsets that are lighter and more powerful and require less cables to run.”

Ben, Junior .NET Developer
“2018 saw companies racing to the beat Apple by putting a finger print reader in the screen of their smartphones as well as competing to get the highest screen to body ratio. I think that this year,  foldable smartphones and tablet screens will be able to be accessed as well as TV’s that can roll up into cabinets.”
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Date: 18/02/2019 | Author: Marketing Team

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