Customers expect fantastic user experience when it comes to online and digital interactions with both small and large businesses. Building engaging and intuitive digital systems helps drive customer acquisition, customer retention, and brand awareness, ultimately driving business growth.

We work with small and large businesses alike to:

  •  Help manage customer relationships through bespoke digital systems
  •  Build digital strategies to drive customer acquisition and brand awareness
  •  Build beautiful, UX-optimised websites



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IGS offer a tailored suite of services for start-up businesses, aimed at rapid deployment of a minimum viable product. We also have connections with investors and support to help get your idea funded.

  •  Product design: understanding core commercial requirements, planning phases of development and release stages, customer and user mapping Lean development: focus on developing core features, keeping costs down, developing sales-focused UX
  •  Rapid release: developing in short increments to achieve early release and gradual introduction of new features to demonstrate to prospects
  •  Hosting: cost effective, reliable and future-proofed hosting options
  •  Support and maintenance: 12 months of support to ensure issues are resolved quickly as user numbers increase


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Many companies in the automotive industry are switching to digital platforms as opposed to traditional pen and paper. We help build these platforms which are easy for the client to upload their own content, such as text and images. We have helped a client create an app which displays a ghost image of where the user should be taking the video or image of their car. This improves efficiency for users as it clearly shows what they must do. We have also helped create an app which allows users to compare their cognitive skills with professional drivers through interactive tests. The possibilities are endless!

IGS have worked with several companies within the automotive sector to help them implement digital platforms and to stay ahead of their competitors by using modern technologies. 

We can help:

  • Implement digital systems to increase efficiency within the organisation
  • Create mobile and tablet apps where the user can easily submit and upload content
  • Provide services in secure cloud environments











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Local Government

Local government organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver services effectively and efficiently. Digital solutions can enable government to transform service provision to citizens and businesses, reducing reliance on paper-based processes, and deliver services in innovative new ways. IGS have been helping local authorities implement digital solutions to drive improvements in services. 

We can help:

  •  Design and build your digital platform
  •  Reduce reliance on paper-based processes
  •  Provide services in secure cloud environments

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Travel & Leisure

The travel industry is being completely reimagined by digital technology. Building innovative digital platforms can improve all aspects of travel and leisure experiences, from airlines and hotels to resorts and cruises.

 We can help:

  •  Design and build bespoke business systems such as booking systems
  •  Construct a user friendly, intuitive website that drives bookings

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Digital systems can produce a range of benefits across health and social care, for patients, service users, family members and carers. The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly, and digital solutions can help deal with new challenges arising from aging populations and increasingly limited resources.

From a patient’s point of view, digital platforms can assist with supporting long term conditions, empower them to take control over their care decisions, and ultimately improve the provision of their care. IGS have worked with several NHS trusts, helping them implement digital platforms and solutions. We can help:

  •  Build digital systems to improve care provision
  •  Create staff platforms that drive engagement
  •  Help you become a ‘paperless’ organisation

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Schools and universities are embracing digital like never before. As mobile devices inevitably become an everyday item in the classroom, digital platforms will play an increasingly important role in both education provision and school administration.

We help education authorities:

  •  Build digital platforms to improve education services
  •  Create engagement and survey systems to improve quality assurance and student engagement
  •  Implement everyday administrative systems that help drive efficiency and school performance


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